13/18 months (1650 h)

$23 / hour

Job placement

✓ In class

✓ Work-Study Program

Auto Bodywork (also offered in French)

Diploma of vocational studies (DVS)

With a DVS in Bodywork, you will be able to estimate damages to vehicles, repair damaged body parts, straighten vehicle frames, remodel plastics and apply paint.

This program is offered in a Work-Study format where students get to perfect their craft at renowned dealers and auto bodywork companies in the greater Montreal area. Working with our partners, you will earn money whilst learning your trade and making connections in the automotive industry. Our partners are ready to welcome you:

  • Auto Bugatti
  • Autolux MB
  • BMW Laval
  • Carrosserie Duval
  • Carstar
  • Centre de collision CRD
  • Centre de collision TD
  • Centre Intact
  • Fix Auto
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Procolor
  • Spinelli Kia
  • Spinelli Lachine
  • Spinelli Nissan


Among other subjects, you will learn to:

  • Read damage estimate reports to determine and plan needed repairs
  • Repair vehicle body dents, creases and other damages
  • Fill holes, smooth bumps and joints
  • Remove damaged parts and bolt or weld replacement parts
  • Straighten vehicle frames
  • File, grind and sand repaired surfaces
  • Mask and prepare vehicle surfaces before painting
  • Repair and replace glass elements
  • Inspect repaired vehicles and road test them to check stability and steering

You will work with:

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Measuring instruments and hand tools
  • Electrical equipment
  • New SD measurement system
  • And more

The program

  • Prepare vehicles for painting, mix colours and apply paint
  • Repair structural elements and weld auto body parts
  • Replace and install mechanical parts
  • Manufacture spare replacement parts
  • Repair dented auto body with plastic and lead, if necessary
  • Bond metals using MIG and oxyacetylene spot welds or plasma cuts, and weld/glue plastic materials
  • Repair perforated and damaged body parts with sheet steel, aluminum and reinforced plastic
  • Replace removable bodywork parts
  • Repair, replace and install accessories, mechanical components, electrics, windows, mirrors and interior / exterior trim
  • Repair electrical circuits
  • Install cooling and air conditioning
  • Measure and inspect vehicle frame and chassis
  • Understand blueprints and trace patterns
  • Handle general body workshop operations
  • Vehicle construction features
  • Prepare vehicles for delivery
  • Health and safety in an auto body workshop
  • Integration into the workplace


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  • Automotive painter
  • Autobody
  • Autobody repairer
  • Auto glass installer
  • Damage estimator
  • Used vehicle bodywork expert
  • Vehicle frame and body straightener

Work environments

You will find a job in:

  • Car dealerships
  • Specialized workshops
  • Body shops
  • Dent repair shops
  • Auto glass repair and installation shops
  • Heavy vehicle repair centres
  • Vehicle appraisal centres
  • Used car dealers
  • Bodywork material suppliers
  • Auto repair garages

Training details


Statement of competency


Positioning yourself with regard to the profession at the start of training        


Preventing health risks, maintaining safety at work, protecting the environment


Performing workshop duties


Analyzing damage on vehicles


Replacing removable body panels and their related elements


Heating, cutting and welding work


Repairing thermoplastic and composite material components


Making and installing replacement parts


Checking electrical and electronic system operations


Inspecting electronic control system operations


Replacing windows and related components


Repairing electrical, safety and driver assistance systems


Removing and installing a vehicle’s mechanical systems


Repairing a vehicle’s chassis


Replacing non-removable body panels and related elements


Performing body panel repair


Priming body panels


Performing colour matching


Painting body panels


Preparing a vehicle for delivery


Integrating into the workplace




Admission Conditions

Preliminary: You must be at least 16 years of age (as of September 30). 

High school diploma (DES) (or equivalent).


Secondary 4 Mathematics, English and French (or equivalent).


You have passed a high school equivalence test (GED). Or you are 18 years of age and passed a general development test (GDT) and meet the program’s prerequisites.

Foreign documents

If you obtained your diploma outside Québec, you can still access our programs.

Please contact our training advisors to explain your situation. Each centre offers an expert team at your service free of charge. Having the training courses from a large number of countries at their fingertips, they will hear you, understand you and reassure you in your approach.


± $845 (For information only, including educational materials and personal equipment required during training)

Visit classrooms, laboratories, workshops and living spaces. Sit-in on a course. Try activities related to a profession. Talk to teachers and students. Discover future prospects. Recognize the challenges that await you. If needed, repeat the test in different programs!

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Automobile mechanic

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514 765-7683, ext. 7366

Détails du projet :

Acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to repair damaged mechanical components, straighten frames, weld and repair, estimate the damage, troubleshooting and paint application on the vehicle.

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